More Money Found to be Funneled by Ilhan Omar’s to her Husband



Seattle to Move Even Further Left as Mayor Won’t Seek Reelection

Kevin O’Leary made famous from the show Shark Tank called out politicians to stopped bickering over bailing out businesses and get checks into the hands of American citizens.

In an attempt to catch up with the United States and Asia, Germany, France, Spain and ten other EU countries have joined forces to invest in processors and semiconductors.

A CNN medical analyst cited the recent spike in COVID infections which she was in part blaming on Thanksgiving travel.  Her point was to warn people not to travel for Christmas.



Representative Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, introduces Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont and 2020 presidential candidate, not pictured, at a campaign rally ahead of Super Tuesday in Springfield, V.A., U.S., on Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020. Sanders is looking to deliver a knock-out blow to his progressive competitor Elizabeth Warren on Super Tuesday by winning the primary on her home turf of Massachusetts.

More Money Found to be Funneled by Ilhan Omar’s to her  Husband


Trader and Bankers Deemed as Essential as Health Workers and will Receive the COVID Vaccine First

Sci-Fi composition. Strange Monolith on Lifeless Planet

Monolith Mystery Explained – Kind of