Illustrating nutritional lipids industry growth in the face of the escalating scope for omega 3, product procured >60% of the global market share in 2016

Primarily endorsed with the tag of being an extremely consumer-driven vertical, nutritional lipids industry has emerged as one of the most opportunistic, versatile, and rapidly evolving business spheres of the food & nutrition industry. This evolution can be essentially credited to the growing trend of maximizing nutritional credibility in daily diet and the rising consciousness toward understanding the nutritional importance of lipids. Nutritional lipids have already registered themselves as vital ingredients in balancing the nutritional deficiencies in human body that can often lead to serious health concerns comprising diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular, inflammation, obesity, and even cancer. A substantiation authenticating the same is USDA’s claim stating that nearly half of the U.S. population develops diet related chronic disorders, ultimately leading to an annual healthcare costs soaring over USD 250 billion.

Nutritional Lipids Industry