An in-depth insight into consumer electronics industry with regards to the competitive spectrum: increasing adoption of next-gen advanced technologies to augment the industry growth over 2017-2024

In the last few years, consumer electronics market has undergone a drastic transformation with the robust growth across the entertainment, communication, and information technology sectors. Electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets, and digital televisions have indeed become commonplace in the consumer’s personal & professional lives. Pertaining to the same, companies in consumer electronics market have forged a slew of M&As and strategic partnerships to bring forth customized, user-friendly, and highly advanced electronic goods to the mainstream. Recently, the emerging economies of India and China have even opened doors for major investors in consumer electronics market, given the rising product penetration in these regions. Smartphone and household equipment manufacturers therefore, supported by the initiatives undertaken by regional governments with regards to foreign direct investments (FDI), have been robustly penetrating the consumer electronics industry across these geographies.

consumer electronics industry